Do you feel like you’re stuck in a workout rut? Have you wanted to try something new at the gym but don’t know where to start? At Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping in Ankeny, we want to encourage you to give our kickboxing workouts a try. Our classes are based on foundational martial arts, as well as high-intensity cardio. The combination of the two gives you a little kick that can get you out of your rut.

In this article, we’re going to share the surprising benefits of doing kickboxing workouts on the regular. If you’re a little nervous about getting started, you’re not alone. Millions of people, either just starting out or already in a workout routine, aren’t sure about kickboxing, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. The staff at Farrell’s is here for you and your needs.

We welcome all skill and fitness levels to our classes. The goal is to put you and your goals first!

Kickboxing Workout Benefits

Did you know that more than 80 percent of adults do not meet the general guidelines for both muscle-strengthening and aerobic activities? At Farrell’s, we want to help you get to and stay in the 20 percent. In fact, we want to all adults to be active and move on a regular basis. Here are kickboxing workout benefits:

#1. Gain Confidence

When you start something new, it can be tough to feel confident. But as you develop your skills and abilities, your confidence rises. Kickboxing workouts help you gain confidence by challenging yourself while the staff at Farrell’s supports you along the way.

#2. Lose Weight

A common goal for those taking classes at the gym is to lose weight. You can do it, too! Kickboxing workouts offer you a way to get moving and stay active, consistently. One big component to losing weight is to stay active. The other major component is your diet.

#3. Improve Physical Endurance and Output

Does taking the stairs at work get you breathing heavily? We get it. Life is full of obligations, and you need to do what is needed to keep the bills paid and the kids fed. Your health is a huge component to how long you can sustain your current lifestyle, however — or begin to build the dream life you’ve always wanted. Kickboxing classes train your endurance, which allows you to do more physically and mentally.

#4. Increase Focus

A clear mind allows you to focus more effectively on what matters in your life. Kickboxing workouts help increase circulation and improve the levels of oxygenated blood pumping through your body and mind. When you routinely give your body “new” blood, you’re able to focus more effectively.

#5. Relieve Stress

Most workouts will help you relieve stress. Kickboxing workouts help you relieve stress and a variety of other emotions in a healthy, effective way. The combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercises combined with strike and defense training gives you the ability to “get it all out” at the gym. Also, reducing stress in your life helps improve your overall health.

#6. Build Strength

A great way to build strength is to take kickboxing workout classes. You will learn techniques based in martial arts, as well as gain total body strength. Not only will you start to feel stronger, but you will start to see your strength in how you live your life — physically, mentally, and emotionally. Kickboxing workouts are a great way to pack all of your fitness needs into one practice.

#7. Improve Flexibility

You may not be flexible now, but when you start kickboxing workouts, you will gradually become more flexible as you attend more classes. Flexibility impacts every area of your life. As a flexible human, you will experience less injury, shorter recovery times, and increased energy. What’s more, you will be able to do more with your body.

Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping: Your Kickboxing Workouts for Beginners and More

The focus at Farrell’s is on you. What are your fitness goals? We are here to help you achieve them, whether it’s your first time in a gym, or you’re a gym regular. Don’t stay stuck in your fitness rut. Let us help you find a kickboxing workout that gets you in the gym and excited to challenge yourself.

We have two convenient locations in Ankeny that you can visit. Register for a free kickboxing workout class today!