1. The program lived up to all that it promised and we were all transformed. 

    Miranda's Story I decided early in 2017 that I was tired of feeling tired, being out of shape, and ready to make some changes in my lifestyle to better not only my physical health, but self-image as well. Being that my husband (Rick) is a bit more prone to the athletic endeavors in the family, I asked him what he thought I should do. He knew a fair bit about not only about Farrell’s and its esta…Read More

    Miranda and Rick B.
  2. It’s the most fun at a gym I’ve had.

    Reason for starting FXB: I needed something to kick start me getting active again.  I was at a point where my bad hips and arthritis were making me say that I couldn’t to everything.  I wasn’t going to sign up because I didn’t think I would be able to physically do it.  But then my spouse went through it and had amazing results and loved the positive environment.  So I decided to sign up…Read More

    Joni E.
  3. Farrell’s has been an integral part of my process and I know I wouldn’t be here without it.

    When I started to write my transformation story, I had to sit on it for a couple days. Finally, I realized why. This is not “my” transformation story, it is “our” transformation story, as my husband, Justin, has been on this journey with me. If it weren’t for the two of us being a team, I’m not sure I’d be writing this. Justin and I had tried other gyms and diet programs in the past,…Read More

    Jennifer Williams
  4. Farrell’s is a type of program that can help anyone, no matter what their fitness level or goals.

    Farrell’s is a great program – for all levels of fitness! Prior to joining Farrell’s, I’d always considered myself to be a fit and healthy individual - I played high school and college sports; I had consistently worked out 5 days a week in the morning before work since graduating from college; and I have always enjoyed eating a balanced diet to fuel my body properly. Overall, I was proud o…Read More

    Deb Goodhue
  5. Give Farrell’s an honest effort and you will succeed.

    My name is Brett Buehler, I am 31 years old. I started at North Ankeny FXB several years ago along with my wife Katie. It was the Fall session of 2012 when I started the 10 week program. I was about 275 lbs at the time, and my doctor, being concerned about my weight, scheduled a consultation with a surgeon to discuss having the lap-band procedure performed. At the time, I was 27 years old, and som…Read More

    Brett B
  6. It was a tough 10 weeks, but I achieved all my goals. 

    My journey started due to some recent health issues, including chest pain, dizziness and severe headaches. I learned I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, was pre-diabetic and at significant risk of a heart attack or stroke. I had to see a cardiologist, take a stress test, and start making some changes. I thought about joining Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping, but was skeptical that an overw…Read More

    Andy M.
  7. What I gained during my 10-Week Challenge was more important

    What I gained during my 10-Week Challenge was more important: a support group and the ability to be part of the Farrell’s community, friends that keep me laughing and motivated, the knowledge of how to treat my body correctly and how to fuel it properly.…Read More

    Melissa Farrell's Denver, CO
  8. I have more energy, more strength and feel 20 years younger!

    The changes on the inside excited me the most. Cholesterol down 67 points, no longer pre-diabetic, no more high blood pressure. I have more energy, more strength and feel 20 years younger!…Read More

    Andy, Farrell's South Ankeny, IA
  9. Farrell’s can change your mind, body and soul!

    Apart from losing inches, pounds and body fat, Farrell’s can change your mind, body and soul! Both John and I have more confidence, more energy and lead a more active lifestyle.…Read More

    Sheri, Farrell's Mooresville, NC
  10. I am the best version of myself that I have ever been.

    I am the best version of myself that I have ever been. This was a transformation of my body and mind.…Read More

    Cathy Farrell's Naperville, IL